Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Keeping busy in Ms. Walsh's 4th Class :)

2018 has proven to be very busy for us in 4th Class!!

 We’ve been really lucky to have had two fascinating visits from both Sea Synergy Marine Awareness Centre and Killarney Waste Disposal.

As part of the Green Schools Flag we decided to undertake projects on Marine Biodiversity whereby we focused on two main areas: coral reefs and the beautiful fish in the ocean deep and also the effects of dumping plastic into our ocean.

The children worked so hard on the educational projects and had loads of fun all at the same time J

The children worked in groups and prepared fantastic 3D re-creations of the coral reefs.. they also incorporated the fact that the ocean is being polluted into these incredible realistic reefs. The class also created a 3D window display using recyclable materials and a mixture of arts and crafts materials to make a stunning real-life ocean reef. The children also did lots of research on pollution and coral reefs and worked in pairs to create posters with slogans and articles conveying plenty of informative facts. Eleanor from Sea Synergy was super impressed with all their hard work!!! 

I think we may have some budding marine biologists in the making in Ms. Walsh’s 4th Class ……J

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