Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Grandparent's Day 2019

Grandparent’s Day 2019: Sowing the Seeds of Love
 Grandparents play an integral role in children’s lives, offering support and love unconditionally. It is for this reason that they deserve a day of celebration.
Grandparents were invited to a mass in St. Mary’s Church, where our pupils read, played and sang beautifully. Following mass, an invitation was extended to all present in the church to visit the school for refreshments. A large gathering of parents and grandparents were entertained by the school’s fantastic musicians and they enjoyed a tour of the school and its facilities. Children were very excited to show off their school and classrooms to their grandparents.
They received a gift of seeds to symbolise ‘A grandparents love that is strong and deep, filled with memories to cherish and keep’.